El Puente de Vida (The Bridge of Life) is the name of our outreach in Manzanillo which is based on the Dream Center model of ministry.  The purpose of this ministry is to share hope with the marginalized and those living far from God. We believe this is best demonstrated through a holistic approach, which addresses the spiritual and physical needs of our community.

We start by serving the community in tangible ways resulting in God directed relationships. These relationships are key to opening opportunities to provide physical and spiritual relief to the at risk members of Manzanillo while transforming the surrounding community.



El Puente

Consists of four areas of focus to transform our community.

Refuge Home (Opening Early 2015)

El Puente Refuge Home consist of two programs: 180 Refuge and The Bridge Youth.

180 Refuge is a Christian based recovery program assisting adults 18-29 in overcome life controlling issues including drugs, alcohol, and other abuses. This will be the first area of the Refuge Home opened.

The Bridge Youth serves young adults age 18-23 making the transition from Institutions (Foster Care, etc.) or Homelessness to productive society member.

The Refuge program is broken down into 3 Phases.

Phase 1 The first 9 months are focused on recovery and healing of past hurts and addictions. Long term plan is to base this phase of the ministry on a working farm.

Phase 2 The second 9 months provide tools and skills for reintegration into society. This phase will be located in Manzanillo.

Phase 3 Leadership training for those who are identified as potential leaders during the first two phases. Part of the leadership program will include hands on training in Phase 1 & 2 of the program.

Future possible ministries include abused women, sex trafficking victims, and other at-risk members of the community.

Community Center

is being developed in the building where our ministry is based in Manzanillo.  The following programs are being developed to serve the community beginning the fall of 2014.

Community Classes – 1-time and on going classes such as Celebrate Recovery, Financial, and Relationship
Education – tutoring and homework assistance for students; classes such English and Computer for business professionals, the community, students & volunteer organizations
Youth Programs – mentoring, discipleship, and youth events
Foreigner Ministry – Computer, Skype/Email/Internet Access for foreigners who visit and live in Manzanillo


El Puente symbolsends volunteers into the community to address needs within the community including food, clothing, medicine, shelter, education and other necessities of life.

Orphanage Discipleship Program – weekly teen discipleship program

Compassion Ministry – providing necessities for the poor and in need (food, medical, shelter, utilities, etc.)

Community Service – serving the community on a regular basis in meaningful and tangible ways. Examples include cleaning parks, streets and community common areas.

Participants in the Refuge Home programs will participate in Community Service projects as part of their recovery and restoration.


CaFé Bean

Ca Bean formerly The Coffee Bean opened December of 2012. We recently changed the name to Ca Bean which better represents the cafe’s purpose of sharing great coffee and our faith.

Café (Coffee) + Fé (Faith) = Ca

The cafe’s main focuses are coffee, breakfast and desserts. The cafe facilitates building relationships with the local community, financing further community outreach and provide employment and scholarships for students and future leaders. After our first two years, Ca Bean has become a gathering point for the community and supporting the ministries of El Puente. Ca Bean donates 10 percent of the sale of coffee beans to El Puente.



There are four ways that you can actively participate in El Puente.


You can support us with a one time or monthly basis. We have a goal of raising $56,106 for one time start up costs for El Puente and the 1st years operating costs. Details of the one time costs and partnership opportunities are included in the Financial section below.  The link below will take you to the page where you can donate.


Commit to praying for us on a regular basis. You prayers are important and are needed. If you will commit to praying for us let us know. Go to our Prayer Page where you can be added to our prayer mail list.


Do you have a passion and talent to serve in one of the areas mentioned above?  Come and serve with us! We would love to have you spend a few days, weeks or months with us.  Use the link below to find out how you can serve in Manzanillo.


Share our story with your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. You can share our newsletters, website and recommend our Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo page.

Financial Details

Monthly Partnership Opportunities

Recurring Partner Contributions

Regular Contributions (monthly, quarterly, etc.) to meet the most pressing needs.  These contributions will be used at the discretion of the leadership and board of directions to cover operating expenses and approved capital expenditures.


One-Time Gifts

One-Time gifts can be made to our general fund or one of our specific projects including capital campaigns, Refuge Home, Community Center, and Revive program.



Current Partnership Goals

2015 Fundraiser














2015 Budget