Who We Are


Gonzales Family

The Gonzales has been involved in missions in Manzanillo since 2002 through our home church Hope Fellowship. Over the years, we have developed a passion for serving others. During this time, God opened doors to a leadership role in mission work in Manzanillo. This experience was the beginning of a deeper commitment to serve the marginalized and people far from God.

After working 15 years in the corporate world, Lee along with his family made a decision to follow the calling to full time ministry. In January 2010, the Gonzales family packed their belongings and moved to Manzanillo. This was the beginning of our full time ministry in missions. Since then, they have focused in establishing Hope Fan and sharing God’s love and hope in Mexico.


Story of Hope FAN

“And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.” 1 Peter 3:15

Hope Fan exists to share hope with the marginalized and those living far from God. We believe that our Christian hope is best demonstrated through a holistic approach, which addresses the spiritual and physical needs of those we serve. Our vision is best explained through three simple words Sow, Grow, Go.

We believe that building relationships with the community is key. We strive to build relationships with the community in practical ways by sowing into the lives we serve. El Puente de Vida is our Dream Center that serves the community through weekly outreach including family & kids events, feeding the hungry, caring for the poor, and meeting practical needs for widows, the suffering and needy.

Discipleship is the process in which we foster spiritual and personal growth of those we serve. Our discipleship includes a refuge center, small groups, mentoring, seminars and training.

The result of Sowing and Growing are new disciples that are willing to reproduce and Go make other disciples.