I am excited to share with you a great story of how God has been working here in Manzanillo. In the last few weeks, Frederico has been on a spiritual journey.  He committed his life to Christ and was baptized by Warren and Jean, a couple in our church who visited him one afternoon.  Since then, he has been attending church with us over the last month and has begin to study and read his Bible.  God has been working in his life and he has been hungry to learn and grow.

Earlier this week, we met with Frederico about his desire to implement Bible teaching in the AA Rehab Center he leads. This was a great discussion on how we can disciple him and help him teach those who he is leading.  Towards the end of the conversation, Frederico asked us about the Virgin Guadalupe and about having images and idols.  This was a great opportunity for us to share what the scripture teaches in regards to idols, we were able to pray with him on what God would ask him to do, that the Holy Spirit would lead and for obedience to what God revealed to him. Upon finishing praying, he immediately had the large image of the Virgin Guadalupe removed! Some may not realize how big of a step this is but in the Mexican culture the Virgin Guadalupe is an icon and is prayed to and worship. It is a part of most celebrations including those of the government.  Frederico taking this step was an act of boldness and faith. All we can say is that we serve a great and mighty God that is bigger than a country or culture!

We thank God for what he is doing and working through us! Will you join us in praying for Frederico, his family, and the AA Program he leads? Blessings