We are excited to share with you the latest happenings in Manzanillo.  Since September we have been working on a coffee shop concept.  On December 7, 2012 we started The Coffee Bean as a business as missions project to compliment our ministry.

The Purpose of The Coffee Bean Roasting Co is as follows:

  • Benefit the Church of Hope/Iglesia de Esperanza by paying rent to the church for use of the space in the front of the building. This will reduce overhead for the church.
  • Tithe from its profits to Church of Hope/Iglesia de Esperanza.
  • Donate a percentage of its profits to fund community outreach ministry.
  • Provide employment for College Students and Young Adults in the community.
  • Create a meeting point in the community and open up avenues to build relationship with our neighbors. Our goal is for the coffee shop to be a tool where we can disciple and ministers to those we meet in this non confronting environment.

The Coffee Bean Roasting Co serves coffee, espresso drinks, teas, frappes, smoothies, juices, desserts, and a few select breakfast and lunch items. Additionally, we will be roasting our own coffee beginning in January.

Here are a few ways you can participate in this exciting project.

  • If you are in Manzanillo and are interested in supported in ministry come by The Coffee Bean.
  • We are working towards being able to distribute whole or ground coffee beans to you as an additional way to support our ministry beginning in February.
  • You can come and serve for a period of time in The Coffee Bean and our ministry in Manzanillo.
  • Pray for us during the initial setup of this new area of ministry.

We are excited about this opportunity we have to continue to minister to Manzanillo and Mexico!